Here’s an article from “Insider Higher Education” that I think stimulates some very timely thinking for religious leaders of all sorts.  Notice:

1.  The word “organic” and what it says about leading change.

2. The word “leadership” (for the same reason).

3.  Change can and often does start with a person willing to share a compelling vision and bring others on board.  This is not individualism.  It takes a group.  But it also takes one with a vision…

Tell me what you think this article shows us about spiritual leadership.

One Person Does Make a Difference

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One thought on “One Person Does Make a Difference

  • September 19, 2012 at 11:05 am

    Gilbert mentioned the program taking a “hands-on, applied approach.” Churches today could take note of this idea. Young and more seasoned spiritual seekers want this. I think most of us want to see what we are doing work for the common good. Otherwise, what is the point? If we truly seek a spiritual connection to God and being more like Christ, being in relationship with others is essential. Additionally, when we experience positive change in relation to others ~ “organically” ~ it is even better!

    Leadership includes mentoring not just lecture ~ another concept from which religious institutions might benefit today. I think mentoring may just be what saves us from the disconnect that takes place in our fast-paced, chaotic culture wherein everything else is digitalized.

    Finally, the leader is in a position to challenge old stereotypes of “what is.” The image of what a scientist is changes as the article addressed. Christianity could benefit from leadership and laity showing love, choosing what benefits all people ~ not just “their kind” ~ in an atmosphere that looks more like Him. Hopefully, this can be shown with less words and more action.

    Good question, Dr. Rankin! Stimulating thoughts! 😉


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