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He’s Here

Every year in this season I have a little fight with myself.  I dread the pressure of the Christmas gift-buying season.  I don’t feel very confident that my purchases will match loved ones’ expectations (though they are not at all hard to please).  Normally, I love being around people, but I feel intimidated and prickly around Christmas shopping crowds.  My mind drifts […]

Like Being in the Colosseum

Most every morning while we are readying for the new day, my spouse and I keep one eye on either CNN or Headline News.  Yesterday, the stand-in for Robin Meade (I can’t remember her name) made reference to Nancy Grace’s investigation of the Las Vegas showgirl who has turned up missing.  And I began to […]

Advent Neglect

For some time I’ve puzzled over the way we Christians (who observe Advent) engage the themes of this season.  The puzzlement quickly turns to lament.  In worship yesterday, the Old Testament reading came from Isaiah 7 – the famous vision of a young woman with child who will be nam ed Emmanuel.  We Christians love […]

“Pony Excess” Forgot Part of the Story

It is the morning of the Lord’s Day and my mind ought to aim elsewhere, hence I’m feeling a little sheepish about this blog.  But last night’s ESPN 30-30 documentary about SMU, called “Pony Excess,” is still on my mind. I’m a relative newcomer to SMU, but have quickly become a fan.  I had read, when I first […]

A Prophetic Reminder from a Christmas Past

Well, I have taken quite a vacation from blogging, but for good reason, I hope.  I’ve been working on a book manuscript and have submitted a proposal to a publisher.  I’m waiting to hear.  But I’ve been thinking about this blog and feeling ready to climb back into the saddle.  Nearly at the same time, […]

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