Another Church Split

I’m having a hard time writing this blog, because I have not yet talked to people involved in what I am about to cover. If you’re familiar with Kansas United Methodism, you’ve probably heard about the pastor, staff and bulk of the membership of a new church – GracePoint – leaving The UMC. The pastor […]

The End or a By-Product?

Awhile back, I wrote about being a “hyphenated,” a term I picked up from Phyllis Tickle’s The Great Emergence. According to Tickle, massive changes in media the past 30 years are causing American Christians to live in much closer “subjective proximity” than ever before. One result: some of the old divisions are dissolving and people […]

Competing Interests, Shared Vision

For a long time, I’ve fretted over our United Methodist denominational divisions.  We suffer from competing interests.  In part, they are regional, geographical and cultural, but the ones we most often discuss are theological.   Those theological differences, when you start to probe, are hard to pin down. We use labels (“conservative,” “liberal”) that are […]

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