Winning Strength Out of Weakness

(I preached the following sermon at the annual Lifewatch Service [] yesterday in Simpson Chapel in the United Methodist Building in Washington, DC.  It is based on the scripture text, Hebrews 11:32-28.)   The Apostle Paul, in the fourth chapter of Second Corinthians, summarizes the experience he and his traveling companions had as witnesses and […]

America Magazine on the Hyde Amendment

Here is an example of a reasoned, measured, thoughtful pro-life perspective from a Catholic publication.  Without doing any research, it sounds to me a lot like the United Methodist position on this most sensitive issue.  A friend recommended it to me.  Some of you may take issue with particular claims or parts of the argument. […]

I Think This Qualifies as Sophistry

Two publications, both associated with The United Methodist Church (one official, one unofficial) arrived on the same day and dealing with exactly the same matter.  Providential? “Faith in Action’s” (the official one from the General Board of Church and Society) “Quote of the Week” from the Rev. Amee Paparella opines: “We are a church that is […]