As We Near November 6

I’m sure there are other places where this comparative information can be found, but I appreciate what Joseph Slife at has done with two recent posts.  He takes the United Methodist Book of Discipline statements on specific topics and lays them alongside both the Republican and Democratic Party Platforms on the same issues. Here […]

Responsible Citizenship, Religion (Chiefly Christianity), Religious Leaders and Politics

Now that both political conventions have ended and we’ve headed into the final stretch for Election Day (November 6 – remember to vote!), I’ll try to offer some observations on Christians and politics. They are prompted by trying to keep track of TV, social media and the blogosphere. I’m still trying to figure out what […]

Identity and Acceptance

Sometime around 1985, if I remember correctly, in the middle of my seminary tutelage, I had a conversation with a fellow student that has stuck with me over the years.  I include the date so that the reader will know just how long this topic has been on my mind, not to mention how long we’ve been […]

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