Desiring Christian Transformation

Given the two hats I’m wearing at SMU right now (Interim Dean of Student Life and Chaplain), my blogging has been non-existent.  However, I do have a post that just went live with Here’s the link: May you have a blessed Advent.

Wherever We Go, Whatever the Mission, It Takes Leadership

Yesterday, the Kansas West Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church did its last business and celebrated its final worship service.  I was a member of the conference for most of my ministry (until 2010) and I’m so glad I made it back for the closing day.  It was truly a bittersweet moment. I can’t […]

The Church’s Version of ADD

Grabbing a cup of coffee and waiting for Sunday School to start this morning, Joni and I noticed a “50% off” shelf of books outside the bookstore/coffee bar.  I love snooping around in bookstores.  Today’s excursion produced this moment of reverie: It’s a little bit like the church (not just our church) has a collective […]

Responsible Citizenship, Religion (Chiefly Christianity), Religious Leaders and Politics

Now that both political conventions have ended and we’ve headed into the final stretch for Election Day (November 6 – remember to vote!), I’ll try to offer some observations on Christians and politics. They are prompted by trying to keep track of TV, social media and the blogosphere. I’m still trying to figure out what […]

Discipleship as Therapy

Was it St. John Chrysostom who said that the church is a hospital for souls?  Sanctification – growing to maturity – is a form of healing, is it not?  Therefore, Christian discipleship is really a kind of therapy. This thought prompts me to consider how most of pop culture (even in the church) runs counter […]

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