What Makes Someone An Intellectual?

I had a stimulating phone conversation with a friend today.  She recounted that an acquaintance of hers, hearing a talk I gave some time back, described it as “not very intellectual.”  As is often the case, the conversation has sent me down the pathway of pondering.  What makes someone an intellectual? Let’s start with the […]

Little League Lesson with Big-League Impact

There is plenty of worry these days (mostly among us older adults) about entitled young people and not-very-resilient college students.  Because of the work I do, I feel a good deal of sympathy for emerging adults and wince at these easy generalizations, but I also have to admit, there’s truth in them. Here’s one that […]

Yom HaShoah – Let Us Never Forget

It is Easter season and many of us are still pondering the joy and the challenge of the New Creation, demonstrated through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Thoughts about the chronological overlap between Passover and Easter, especially this year, coupled with recent events in the Ukraine and in Overland Park, Kansas, have prompted the following […]

Why Government Should Not Run Like a Business

This is a little experiment. I’m deviating from my usual themes by sharing this blog video, “Why Government Should Not Run Like a Business.” I’d like to know what you think.  http://www.onlinemba.com/blog/video-why-government-should-not-run-like-a-business  

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