Campus Ministry Conundrum

This week I’m in the Houston area (The Woodlands, ya’ll) at a campus ministry conference called “Refresh ’08.” It is the third annual “Refresh” and it is a joy to hang around 160 or so dedicated Christians interested in college ministries and young people. We’ve heard great speakers, experienced edifying worship, attended helpful workshops and […]

Cooling Off, a Little

A commenter on my blog about getting a job (10/11) reminded me of a verse from Ecclesiastes (3:13), “It is God’s gift that all should eat and drink and take pleasure in all their toil.” Since this statement is all that the commenter left me, I take it to be a gentle criticism of my […]

Yes, But Will It Help Me Get a Job?

It’s Homecoming time at good old Southwestern College, which means I get to talk to some of my “old” students. I love these interactions. For one, these alums make me smile inwardly at their “I’m getting old” remarks. More importantly, they remind me of what I’m doing with my life. I’ll come back to this […]

What Are We Doing?

As an academic, I fall into that class of people often accused of being eggheads; ivory-tower; bookwormish; all theory and no practice. You know, I can talk, but can I get anything done? I’m still trying to get over an article I read in Sunday’s Wichita Eagle. It was about the importance of technical schools […]

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