I’d Like to Be Known as a Christian

It’s time we Christians stopped using political references to identify “where we fit” on some spectrum.  In the current situation, we generally do not have sufficient collective clarity of mind to recognize political from theological concepts.  If we confuse them, and we are, then the political terms win out and, before we know it, our […]

What We Tolerate, What We Don’t

Along a stretch of Interstate 45 in Central Texas (south of Corsicana), one finds the interesting juxtaposition of country churches and “gentlemen’s clubs.”  In one case, the church and the men’s establishment are literally a mile or two apart from one another.   The amazing thing to me is how “normal,” how common, this vista […]

The Church’s Version of ADD

Grabbing a cup of coffee and waiting for Sunday School to start this morning, Joni and I noticed a “50% off” shelf of books outside the bookstore/coffee bar.  I love snooping around in bookstores.  Today’s excursion produced this moment of reverie: It’s a little bit like the church (not just our church) has a collective […]

A Better Narrative: Religion Contributes Much Good to the World

The Big Narrative in American (and Western) society is that religious faith is: 1.  dangerous (notice in the most recent Boston Bombing tragedy how stories about the bombers revolve tightly and consistently around “radical Islam”). 2.  irrelevant (This is a version of the secularization thesis, that, as the world modernizes, the need for religious faith […]

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