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Choices and Inclinations 2: Imparting a Moral Vision

This post is the third in a little series on college students and the worrisome choices they make.  I’ve been thinking about the naive anthropology (theorizing about human beings, what we’re made of, how we’re designed, what are our problems and difficulties) that drives policy in higher education. The “bad choices” mantra that I’ve been […]

Why We’re Dealing a Bad Hand

The “Why” of Bad Institutional Policy Officially, institutions of higher learning don’t care what college students do in their private lives, “after hours,” on their own time.  I say institutionally, because, of course, most people who work in higher education actually care deeply.  We love college students and want to help them become successful adults. […]

Choices and Inclinations

As I look at the title of this post, I can’t but think of Jane Austen.  Given her interest in the emotional life, that reference may be more than coincidental. In parents’, teachers’, professors’ and Student Life staffs’ conversations, it is common to hear someone say, “So and so (student) made a bad choice.”  True. […]

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