Wherever We Go, Whatever the Mission, It Takes Leadership

Yesterday, the Kansas West Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church did its last business and celebrated its final worship service.  I was a member of the conference for most of my ministry (until 2010) and I’m so glad I

Looking for My Family

Imagine this scene: a group of twenty or so United Methodist leaders are gathered in a circle for the opening prayer of a weekend training in spiritual formation.  The leader begins with asking each member of the group to center

Choking the Pipeline for Older Clergy Candidates: The Larger Problem

Those darn Texans! I arrived home yesterday evening to find my copy of the latest United Methodist Reporter and read of the Texas Annual Conference’s consideration to discourage ordination by potential clergy candidates over the age of 45.  As you might

College Ministers: It’s Time to Talk about the Fear of God

College campuses have become zones of utter moral ignorance.  Not “immorality,” but ignorance.  (Moral ignorance is not the same as intellectual ignorance.  Think of the Greek word “moros,”  which means “fool.”)   This post will be no screed against immorality.

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