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Sketchy Statistics and Hope for Renaissance

We have a little break in the action this afternoon here at the Princeton Forum on Youth Ministry.  I’ve heard several compelling sermons and lectures.  I’ve enjoyed good fellowship.  It has been richly challenging.  And I’ve done some teaching.  One more session to go, tomorrow morning. And it’s all happening at Epworth-by-the-Sea, a United Methodist center […]

Ordination Tribulation for Young People

I’m off to Georgia (St. Simon’s Island) to present at the Princeton Forum on Youth Ministry next week, so I’ll be a little out of pocket for a while.  I thought, therefore, that I’d go ahead and have a try, as promised, at the problems young people face in the candidacy and ordination process in […]

Kids These Days

(Continuing thoughts on trends.  What’s going on with youth and emerging adults?) It started with reading Generation Me.  Well, no, actually, it started with noticing something different in my college students’ classroom responses.  Somewhere between the late 1990s and the mid-2000s, I began sensing a change.   I was priviled to teach at a small college then (, so […]

What’s Happening with the “Nones?”

A quick post on the rise of the “nones,” a term made popular recently primarily by Pew Research and NPR.  The links I’ve put here provide some qualifying thoughts to the trend of the rising “nones.” These articles remind me that life is always messier and harder to pin down than our generalizations.  I especially […]

The United Methodist Church is Imploding

(Continuing thoughts on trends.) I just finished teaching in the certification class at Perkins School of Youth Ministry (  To the whole group last Monday and to the class members throughout the week, I said several hard things about the future. One of the hard things I said was, “The United Methodist Church is imploding.” […]

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