Grown-Up Discipleship: Loving Enemies

John Wesley begins the concluding paragraph of his third discourse on the Sermon on the Mount in this way: “Behold Christianity in its native form; as delivered by its great Author!  This is the genuine religion of Jesus Christ.” When

How Do We Think about Israel/Palestine?

The conflicts of Israel and Palestine, always simmering and recently boiling over, have entered our awareness again.  Again, we confront the tensions of viewpoints and the complexities of opinion about whom to hold responsible and what to do.  Academics wax

Markers for Vital Christians?

(Please forgive the scrunched paragraphs below.  I tried to fix the spacing, but my technological savvy clearly fails me.) The United Methodist Church, after significant collective soul-searching, has developed a list of markers for vital congregations. 1.  People engaging in

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