George McGovern the Quintessential Methodist?

Senator George McGovern was 90 years old when he died Sunday last.  In some ways, it seems to me, Dr. McGovern (Ph.D. from Northwestern U.) was quintessentially United Methodist.  Pondering how produces some worthwhile reflection about the church’s  current identity

What to Make of the “Nones”

In the previous post I mentioned the Pew Research report on the growing number of people identifying themselves as having no religion (the “nones”).  You can find the full report at (  The Big Fact: “nones” number one in five.

What Casey Pachall Teaches Us about Us

Casey Pachall, star quarterback for TCU, has been suspended from play indefinitely by Coach Gary Patterson.  Another brush with the law – this time a DWI arrrest – has apparently forced Coach Patterson’s hand.  blogger, Mike Hashimoto, says of star

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