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Shouting Stones: A Woman’s Lavish Love

This is one in a series of Lenten reflections at Patheos on the men and women who became the “shouting stones” for Jesus on his way to the Cross. How do the actions of these everyday folk invite us in our Lenten journeys? In this reflection, I was asked to reflect on the woman who anoints Jesus […]

Worried about Sex, Again

They call it “gender neutral housing,” an ironic term, since it’s anything but gender neutral.   According to the news accounts I’ve read, Rutgers University is trying a pilot project the coming Fall semester in which students can choose roommates of either sex.  In this new arrangement, people will be able to live with their […]

Needed: More Talk of Religion, Not Less

Here’s another example of religion in the news and the urgency of people becoming more religiously literate. In this morning’s USA Today (“Muslim Teacher’s Lawsuit an Overreach”), scholar Stephen Prothero tells the story of a math teacher who has filed suit for religious discrimination, since her school district would not permit her to be gone […]

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