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The “Metaphysics” of Blogging

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to a blog by Franky Schaeffer about the sickness of evangelicals (and evangelicalism).  He took aim specifically at Sarah Palin and Franklin Graham, but got in a few digs at father Billy as well. Purportedly, the blog was about larger, more substantive matters than just the […]

Discipleship as Therapy

Was it St. John Chrysostom who said that the church is a hospital for souls?  Sanctification – growing to maturity – is a form of healing, is it not?  Therefore, Christian discipleship is really a kind of therapy. This thought prompts me to consider how most of pop culture (even in the church) runs counter […]

How Do We Cultivate Awareness?

I’ve been watching this phenomenon and participating in it myself for years, since I was a college student.  It’s the infamous “quiet time,” our evangelical colloquialism for a much-needed and advocated-for spiritual discipline.  It once was called “personal devotion” or “devotions” – that regular daily time of reading a Bible passage or verse and using […]