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From One Heart to Another

In 2 Corinthians, Paul is put in the position of defending his ministry.  “Are we beginning to commend ourselves?” he asks the Corinthians.  “You are our letters [of commendation],” he reminds them.  Paul’s “defense” of the authenticity of his work is the strong, open, vulnerable witness he has lived amont these people.  “We have renounced […]

Mid-Term Evaluation

After fourteen years teaching and campus ministering at Southwestern College, I have accepted an appointment to become the Chaplain at Southern Methodist University.  For anyone who has moved from a place they love to some place new, you know this feeling.  I feel excitement and grief.  Feelings alternate in the space of a millisecond. My […]

The Meaning of an Honorary Degree

So, I just discovered the flap over President Obama’s upcoming honorary degree from Notre Dame University. Evidently, a significant number of bishops find this development objectionable. What does an honorary degree mean? Does conferring one suggest that the granting institution accepts carte blanche everything the conferee stands for?  I certainly hope not. Can we recognize […]

Where the Action Is?

Occasionally I hear someone mention what has become a commonplace about ministry: let’s find where the Holy Spirit is at work and work there as well.  It reminds me of a song from the sixties, or perhaps the seventies, a song about going where the action is.   I enthusiastically agree with this sentiment.  It […]

The Double-Edged Nature of Denominational Control

So, here is how things stand in United Methodist world: 1.  People are still weighing in on the video wars between Bishop Scott Jones and Maxie Dunnam, et. al., on the “worldwide nature of the church” amendments.  Good News’ “Perspective” has provided the relevant links, including the Reconciling Ministries Network’s contribution.  Despite Jones’ plain assertion […]

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