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A Stunting Pragmatism

Christian spirituality and theology are deeply connected but, in our pragmatic American context, we don’t adequately pay attention to the relationship.

Re-forging a Broken Link: College and Seminary Curricula

For quite some time, I’ve been puzzled by the lack of attention the college years receive when UM church leaders talk about theological education. This comment, from Resurrecting Excellence, by Greg Jones and Kevin Armstrong, is on target with why I’m baffled: “Indeed, one of the problems of training contemporary clergy is that formal education […]

A Lesson on Decency from NPR

If you catch National Public Radio at certain times of the week, they do a little segment on what listeners are saying in response to some feature they’ve done. The one I caught today took on their coverage of the Israel/Hamas tragedy (war is always tragic). Poor NPR can never get it right. One listener […]

Barnes & Noble Reality Check

The Sunday after Christmas, I was browsing the religion section at a Barnes & Noble in Oklahoma City. The “Christian Inspiration” shelves were a hodgepodge of darn near anything, going light years beyond what I think of as inspirational. Some good books, I found there, several I’d like to read (e.g. Scot McKnight’s Blue Parakeet). […]

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