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Wrap Up, General Conference

The last day of General Conference, May 2, was a doozy for ram-rodding business through the system. It always happens that people start leaving that last day, particualrly international delegates who have to start their long journeys home. As I drove away from Ft. Worth Friday afternoon, I felt a little sheepish leaving my delegates […]

Down to the Wire

Even though the bishops have been trying to scoot us along, General Conference proceedings are not moving very quickly – and tomorrow is the last day. Why are there so many amendments being proposed? Why so many procedural, tactical moves? Two speculative answers. First, almost half the delegates at this year’s General Conference are new. […]


Well, today was the day that most of us dread: the first set of votes came up on the homosexuality issue. All potential legislation starts in one of 13 legislative committees. One of those committees is called “Church and Society.” (Actually, there are two such committees, C and S 1 and C and S 2.) […]

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