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Growing Pains

Most of the time we hear about the decline of United Methodism. General Conference is struggling mightily with how to deal with the growth, even if not in the United States: hence the problem. There are nearly 4 million United Methodist Christians on the African continent. There is exactly one accredited United Methodist university with […]

Still Going

Well, I’ve wimped out and gone to my hotel room, but the General Conference is still meeting in plenary session. (You can watch the proceedings video stream at It’s nearly 11:00 pm central time as I write this blog. I subbed again today for someone else, so I was in the session all day […]

Big News, Maybe

There’s so much to talk about today that I just can’t do it all in one blog. A couple of bullet points will give you a hint: 1. Although today is the Lord’s Day, we didn’t break for the day. We had worship in the morning and then carried on with business. 2. Saw a […]

Watching a Church Work

Imagine a large convention center with a huge main room and a slew of smaller rooms (they’re still big, but they can be divided with those big, moveable wall partitions). Imagine seventy or eighty people sitting in one of those rooms, with a few people at a head table and the rest of the people […]

The Daily Grind

Now this is what General Conference is all about: legislation! Today the work of legislative committees began in earnest. Since I’m a reserve delegate, I’m not assigned a committee. I can observe, float around, watch. I can also visit with people. Bishop Machado from Mozambique preached in the opening worship. A few of you may […]

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