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Campus Ministry Conundrum

This week I’m in the Houston area (The Woodlands, ya’ll) at a campus ministry conference called “Refresh ’08.” It is the third annual “Refresh” and it is a joy to hang around 160 or so dedicated Christians interested in college ministries and young people. We’ve heard great speakers, experienced edifying worship, attended helpful workshops and […]

Christmas Pet Peeves

I know it’s the most ridiculously wrong time of the year to be talking about pet peeves, but I’ve got ’em. Here’s my Christmas list. 1. The sappy Christmas music that my favorite radio stations start playing right after Thanksgiving. OK, once in awhile I chuckle at some of the more farsical ones, but mostly, […]

The Breakthrough

It has been almost two weeks since the general elections and pundits are still buzzing about Barack Obama’s victory. Like so many people, I spent the whole evening on November 4, watching the returns, then Senator McCain’s gracious concession speech and, finally, well past my bedtime, the President-Elect. Yes, it truly was an historic moment. […]

Defining the Opponent

We’re a week away from election day and I don’t know how it is at your house, but my mailbox is being inundated with glossy, oversized postcards. And my phone rings daily, several times, with messages from candidates and requests for funds from political parties. Wow. The one common characteristic to all the ads is […]

Why Are We Surprised?

No doubt like you, I’ve been following the ups and downs (mostly downs) of the stock market and listening to the pundits talk about this latest economic crisis. I’ve been amused – in a sickened sort of way – by the finger pointing of political parties and candidates. In my morning prayer time I started […]

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